The purpose of a truly comprehensive integrative health program is to compassionately help individuals feel well, obtain their goals, and take control of their lives. This is a fundamental principle in healing and a pathway to joy and happiness for the patient and the provider.

This should be accomplished by inspiring and motivating patients to take action that will impact their health in a meaningful manner while utilizing the latest concepts in science and medicine to investigate their complaints. The goal is to provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully fulfill their goals.

A wellness concierge should:

  • Be inspiring and motivational.

  • Provide fundamental knowledge and tools needed to reach goals.

  • Address root cause.

  • Optimize wellness and overall health.

  • Offer solutions to symptoms.

  • Ensure that appropriate cutting edge tests are being utilized.

Any comprehensive program should address the root cause of a patient’s problems and symptoms.

The goal of patient care is to optimize wellness and overall health while offering solutions to symptoms and ensuring that appropriate diagnostic modalities have been utilized.

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