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To schedule a free 15 minute phone call with Dr. Singh, learn more about Dr. Singh’s Wellness Concierge Services, or to make an inquiry, please feel free to submit a Schedule Consultation form or call Dr. Marvin Singh’s office at 760-783-0441 and ask to speak to his assistant.

Dr. Singh can spend extended periods of time and provide 24/7 care, while helping you decode your personal health blueprint and getting you on the path to ultimate wellness. Dr. Singh’s highly individualized program is designed to guide you to the path of wellness and vitality!


“Each human being has a unique blueprint that is affected by a variety of factors such as your DNA, microbiome, immune system, hormones, and environmental exposures. Decoding that blueprint to find the answers we seek regarding health, wellness, longevity, autoimmunity, inflammation, weight loss, and many other issues is key to understanding what you are made up of so that you know how to eat, exercise, and take care of yourself in the best way possible.” 

–Dr. Marvin Singh

Dr. Singh also has a regular Gastroenterology practice where he can diagnose and treat a wide variety of gastrointestinal conditions in addition to doing endoscopy, colonoscopy, and other GI procedures.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Singh in his GI practice, please call 760-783-0441 and he would be happy to see you.

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Schedule a free 15 minute phone call with Dr. Singh, learn about Dr. Singh’s Wellness Concierge Services, or make an inquiry.

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