My Top 3 Mind Healing Herbs

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My top 3 mind healing herbs Wouldn’t it be great if nature made some plants that could calm our nerves without making us feel like we were on drugs? Something to help regulate our stress while we learn how to meditate? Or just something to make it not so bad that your two-year-old broke another [...]

The Magic of Tea

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The Magic of Tea: How to heal your gut and boost your genetic potential with a delicious drink If you are not much of a tea drinker, hopefully this article will make you think twice about it. Tea has been a popular beverage for ages and rightfully so! I drink tea often and I suggest [...]

The Secret to Self-Empowerment

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The Secret to Self-Empowerment To become an Integrative Gastroenterologist, I had to spend 4 years in college, then 4 years in medical school, then 3 years doing an Internal Medicine internship and residency, followed by 3 years of a Gastroenterology fellowship. Then, when I thought I was done learning, I enrolled myself in a 2-year [...]

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