Why Precision Medicine?

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By Dr. Marvin Singh, MD May 28, 2021 Precision medicine is a game changer in how we define health—or what it means to “be healthy.” Instead of using statistics based on everybody, we now have the technology to go in and see what’s true for you-just you. This means we can see [...]

THIS is How You Should Eat: The Keto.Fast.Flex Lifestyle Plan

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By Dr. Marvin Singh, MD March 25, 2019 The big question on everyone’s mind, and one of the most hotly debated topics, is on what we should eat. What is seemingly an innocuous question seems to be the most controversial of them all. The reason why is because everyone is different.  [...]

Why parents are important to gut health: 3 things every parent needs to know

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By Dr. Marvin Singh, MD March 10, 2019 We all know that we inherit our DNA and genes from our parents. What else do we get from our parents? It turns out that we get a lot more than our DNA from them. I am often asked about what things [...]

The Gut-Psoriasis Axis

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By Dr. Marvin Singh, MD February 18, 2019 Have you all heard of the Gut-Psoriasis Axis? Well, you have now! These days there is so much discussion about the gut microbiome and how it is connected to everything else in our bodies. For those who are not familiar, the gut microbiome refers [...]

What is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (also known as SIBO)?

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By Dr. Marvin Singh, MD January 27, 2019 In recent years, our knowledge of the microbiome and how it influences our health—affecting anything from our mood to our digestion to our inflammation levels to our brain health—has completely exploded. And probiotics, also known as the beneficial bacteria living in our GI [...]

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