Why parents are important to gut health: 3 things every parent needs to know

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By Dr. Marvin Singh, MD March 10, 2019 We all know that we inherit our DNA and genes from our parents. What else do we get from our parents? It turns out that we get a lot more than our DNA from them. I am often asked about what things [...]

The Gut-Psoriasis Axis

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By Dr. Marvin Singh, MD February 18, 2019 Have you all heard of the Gut-Psoriasis Axis? Well, you have now! These days there is so much discussion about the gut microbiome and how it is connected to everything else in our bodies. For those who are not familiar, the gut microbiome refers [...]

What is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (also known as SIBO)?

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By Dr. Marvin Singh, MD January 27, 2019 In recent years, our knowledge of the microbiome and how it influences our health—affecting anything from our mood to our digestion to our inflammation levels to our brain health—has completely exploded. And probiotics, also known as the beneficial bacteria living in our GI [...]

My Top 5 Tips On How To Detox Using Your Gut Microbiome

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My Top 5 Tips on How to Detox Using Your Gut Microbiome Detoxing is a big topic these days. Everyone wants to know how to detox. But what does it really mean to detox? Well, it means getting rid of the bad stuff and putting in the good stuff. It’s not entirely that simple but [...]

My Top 3 Choices For Treating Heartburn Naturally

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By Dr. Marvin Singh, MD September 3rd, 2018 As an Integrative Gastroenterologist, heartburn or acid reflux is one of the most common topics of discussion. There are all kinds of news reports that acid reflux medications like PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) can cause anything from kidney failure to dementia. Is there any [...]

My 5-minute gut healing meditation

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My 5-minute gut healing meditation Wait….what??!! How can a meditation be gut healing? Am I serious? The answer is a resounding YES! Stress reduction is a cornerstone to obtaining gut healing, for people of all ages. Stress, even at an early age, can change the composition of the trillions of bacteria and microorganisms in our digestive [...]

Five probiotic foods your kids will love (and thank you for later)

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Five probiotic foods your kids will love (and thank you for later) Everywhere you look these days it seems like there is some advertisement for probiotics or probiotic foods. A probiotic is a live microorganism that can have health benefits. The marketplace can make things challenging to figure out what is best with all the [...]

What is gut health anyway?

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So, what is gut health? Is this just another fad? It seems like everywhere you turn there is some advertisement, article, or post about gut health (this one included!). Many of you may be wondering what the big deal is. Should you even be interested? The answer is an “absolutely, yes!” Let’s first start off [...]

Your DNA is not the only factor critical to your health

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How many times have you heard people talk about good genes and bad genes? Even as a physician, I have had my own physicians tell me that I probably have a higher risk of heart disease because of my family history and genetics. Is this entirely true? Well, yes and no. We do carry added [...]

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